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Middie Buzz helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
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Note from the Founder:

"Where can we go tonight?"

I've heard myself ask this question far too many times. I can never find a site that would give me the entertainment information I was looking for in my area. I would have to go from site to site and most of the time the information was outdated and out of touch to the needs of the fans. At times I would see a great band play but I've never heard of them before. I've heard others complain that they cannot find a place to go based on the type of entertainment they were interested in. So I thought to myself, "Instead of asking, why not answer the question".

I felt that a part of NY that has not been tapped into in finding talent is Orange County NY . So my start is here, in my backyard. With the support of fans, artists, venues and sponsors, my goal is to one day expand into a strong website for all music lovers nationwide.

So MiddieBuzz was born!!

MiddieBuzz was created to give our artists and venues an opportunity to showcase their talent and to entice new fans. It is a virtual community to get to know the artists and rate their music, finding out their schedule of events and the ability to reach the artist directly. Venues can increase business by the website's exposure to their establishment, making MiddieBuzz the one-stop-shop for entertainment in the area.

Thank you for visiting the site. I hope you will enjoy and help me in making this the best virtual area to find out
"What's the Buzz"!